TOYO works professionally with all its clients to maintain long-term mutual beneficial relations. Our clientele includes, Japanese/Western restaurants, hotels, clubs, pubs, catering companies, airline caterers and fast-food restaurants. We are currently working towards expanding our presence in the region.


TOYO understands the importance of building and maintaining high quality standards and developing product innovations. Thus, we are constantly investing in newer equipment and R&D. We have vast facilities that are modern and equipped with the latest technology, including well-equipped industrial-grade cold rooms, to ensure our goods are kept fresh and the quality uncompromised.

TOYO takes pride in meeting all expectations and requirements of its business partners in providing excellent and reliable logistics support to each and every client, regardless of the volume of trade.


At TOYO, we are always open to novel and new concepts. We will be thrilled to listen to your ideas. Share with us your vision and let us know how we can improve our service for you. Please get in touch with us at admin@toyointl.com.sg and share with us any idea that you may have.